Exclusive Dining Rooms

Exclusive Dining Rooms

ManMo @ WTC boasts three exquisite private dining spaces, each a testament to the rich traditions of Chinese design. Offering an enclave for intimate gatherings, these spaces provide the perfect backdrop for any occasion, with the ability to host up to 24 guests. Our dedicated team tailors every aspect, from custom menus featuring the pinnacle of culinary craftsmanship to ensuring absolute privacy and exclusivity. Experience dining elevated to an art form, where every detail is curated for an unforgettable experience.

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1. Wen Chang Room

Named after the revered god of literature, this room is a sanctuary of sophistication and seclusion. Creating an opulent environment for discerning guests, it’s perfectly appointed for gatherings of up to 12, setting the stage for an exclusive and memorable occasion.

2. Guan Yu Room

Inspired by the revered god of war, this room exudes a calm yet powerful aura. It’s an ideal setting for private gatherings of up to 15, providing a sophisticated backdrop for celebrations and exclusive events.

3. Biyu Room

Echoing the preciousness of jade, the Biyu Room offers a tranquil yet magnificent setting. It’s perfectly suited for private gatherings of up to 12, serving as an elegant backdrop for celebrations and exclusive occasions.

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